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Animal Shelter Foundation

We have a great announcement to make!

We recently teamed up with local Animal Shelter in order to help the pets in need! And you can support our beloved friends as well by purchasing our Rescue Tee. The % from sales will be donated to the local animal shelter which needs to buy expensive food for many abandoned animals - mostly dogs.

We would also like to appreciate the work of people employed there! They are doing an awesome job keeping our friends safe, fed and they take care of every one of them with love.

Why help them now?

The shelter is facing a problem with money and is crowded with many dogs who are hungry. We are frequently trying to help them financially but our resources are limited.

That is why we wanted to start this foundation. In order to help our beloved friends and make them feel safe and wanted again. We started a movement in our city, Kutná Hora. We encouraged people to adopt some dogs, but only a few adopted and there are still many dogs left behind.

What are we trying to accomplish:

  • Make the donation from the sale to the local animal shelter.
  • Spread the awareness with the donation by getting to a local newspaper and spreading the word of how bad the situation of the local animal shelter is and how no one is doing anything with it - we need to make a change!
  • Find a home for abandoned dogs.

What will you get in return?

  • Stylish, high-quality Rescue Tee
  • Donor Certificate of appreciation
  • A Good Feeling that you helped those in need

Follow our journey!

Follow our journey for a change - we will keep you updated by our blogs or you can follow us on our Instagram, where we will post every update about the situation!

If you decide to donate by purchasing the Tee, we would like to thank you on behalf of our company and the local animal shelter - you are a great person!